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Brian Foster has been engaged in the Holistic Health and personal growth movement for over thirty years. His spiritual studies and alternative medicine inquiries have been broad and deep…

Barbara Brennan School of Healing

Brian’s healership came into sharp focus and coherency upon graduation from the prestigious Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 1994. This four year program of personal growth, healership training and awakening was founded by the author of the landmark texts “Hands of Light” and “Light Emerging.”

Not just a school of learning energy healing techniques, the BBSH creates a safe container for the student’s deep exploration into Self. Based on the model of the “wounded healer” the school encourages self-inquiry into the places of your consciousness from which you hide and defend against experiencing. These places of the “forgetfulness of the truth of who you really are” contain huge reservoirs of life force energy, also known as chi. The student discovers that their negativity or Lower Self is not something to fear but when transmuted becomes a doorway to spiritual awakening. “Your deepest wound will become your greatest gift.”

Radiant Healing Energy

Once you are willing to meet yourself in your own darkest place, then as a healer, you can travel into your client’s wounds without the fear of getting caught in them. The healer then can remember the joy and love that is at the heart of all creation and reintroduce this state of being into the client’s deepest core wound. This process transforms darkness into Light.



Pathwork Radiant healing energy

Also, integral to this journey are Brian’s studies with the Pathwork. The Pathwork is a psychological and spiritual pursuit of transforming the Lower Self into Higher Self expression. Brian’s summer of residence at the Pathwork Center in Phoenicia, NY changed his life forever. It was there that his personality Mask first dissolved and he felt the incredible freedom of being Undefended. It was humbling and terrifying, however, the relief at not having to fight against the unconscious fear of self was liberating beyond words. The Pathwork continues to be a great source of inspiration and growth for him.


Native American Spirituality

Native American Healing

Brian studied Native American spirituality for years. He was called forth by Spirit to become a Fire tender for the Sweat Lodge ceremonies held by the traditional Elders, from tribes all across this continent, who came to share their medicines and wisdoms with the People. During this time Brian learned about deep connection to the Earth and how to listen to the voices of wind, fire and water. He was taught that every creature has a wisdom that is unique to itself. He learned to respect and to honor all forms of life as having Beauty. These teachings brought him into relationship with the natural world.


For more than a dozen years Brian was a massage therapist and specialized in deep tissue manipulation. His practice included many stars of stage and screen, the rich and the powerful, the meek and mild. And, always there were a lot of other massage therapists that needed some really good bodywork.

Along the way Brian has also learned from the teachings of Hakomi-a body centered psychotherapy, the Dao, CranioSacral Therapy, Touch for Health, meditation, hatha yoga, Applied Kinesiology, Spiritual Healing, Gangaji, and Rosalyn Bruyere. He is a Master 5th degree of Zenith – the Language of Light transmissions and is a Reverend of the Universal Life Church.

Brian Foster is a professional energy healer trained in Brennan Healing Science [Hands of Light.] Soul retrieval, past life healing, chakra clearing, aura balancing, shamanic healing, personal growth counseling, psychic healing, spiritual awakening, holistic healing, energy medicine, chi healing, energy healing, trauma healing, alternative medicine, meditation, visualization and spiritual healing are all modalities that may be utilized for your personalized sessions.

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