Emotional / Sexual Trauma

Energy Medicine for Emotional and Sexual Trauma Survivors

Brian Foster is the best healer I have ever been to. He is a Master Healer. I came to Brian very broken and I needed intense help from the psychological wounds left by sexual assaults in the past. I was also a victim of domestic abuse and suffered from tremendous PTSD.
I was very nervous to go to Brian since he was a man. However, my fears were soon alleviated. He has great compassion, a tender heart, and is a very wise soul. He comes from a place of non-judgement and love. Brian has a great understanding of the human psyche and how old psychological wounds can create havoc in our present lives.
Every session was a powerful journey! In each session strong emotions came up and were released – sometimes within minutes. The most incredible insights became clear to me during the deep healing processes. I trusted him with my soul and I still do.
I am grateful that the universe guided me to Brian Foster. I am truly blessed to know this man! – Elisabeth Small
July 30, 2018

Do You Describe Yourself As…

  • Unlovable
  • Guilty
  • Broken
  • Dirty
  • Used
  • Lost your innocence
  • Unable to forgive
  • Betrayed
  • Introverted, isolated, and alone
  • It’s somehow my fault
  • Unable to trust
  • Afraid of closeness in relationships
  • Wary of touch
  • I’m not good enough
  • A rape, incest, in a sexually abusive relationship, pedophilia victim

Unfortunately, sexual and emotional trauma have been all too prevalent in today’s world. Now, more than ever before, these long hidden abuses are finally being revealed. Finally, after so many generations of suppression, the freedom and opportunity exists to safely speak up about the injustice, hurt, and shame that have been carried as burdens for far too long.

It is time to retrieve the shattered pieces of your psyche, move through denial, release victimhood, and reclaim your fully empowered authentic self.

Trauma Survivor’s Symptoms:

  • Throat problems – the stifled scream – withholding of truth
  • Empty feeling in gut – like a cannonball blown through you
  • Betrayal – by those you trusted
  • Uterine problems – cysts, cancer, pain
  • Panic attacks – unexpected triggers
  • Anxiety – worry, fretting, constant nervousness
  • Depression – apathy, low energy
  • Low self-worth – feeling like “I am not good enough”
  • Anger – rage at inappropriate situations
  • Eating disorders – trying to fill the hole inside
  • Insomnia – mind never shuts down, not feel safe enough to go to  sleep
  • Sexual dysfunction – inability to orgasm, lack of interest in sex
  • Compulsive behaviors – nail biting, hair twisting, sexual addiction
  • Dissociative states – not able to be present
  • PTSD – frequent startle responses
  • Weight issues – hold extra weight, trouble losing weight

What Trauma Does

Trauma twists the physical, emotional, mental bodies into knots that trap the chaotic energy in place. These knots, or energy cysts, must be unwound to liberate and eliminate this chaotic energy for recovery from trauma.

The body and mind, when traumatized, will continue to keep replaying the memory of the trauma, attempting to release the impact of the event(s). However, without an extra boost of energy in specific areas to break the cycle out of its rut, the event will just groove deeper into the neurological processes.

After having been traumatized by overwhelming forces from outside yourself, it is common to come to the false conclusion that any outside force that attempts to enter your individual space will be destructive to you. Thus, unnecessary protective walls and shields are held in place, even when there is no longer a threat, to block or deflect projections directed toward you…..  even decades after the original crises.

This creates a deepening isolation and detachment from living in the moment where happiness, safety, and pleasure exist. The body-mind has lost the ability to determine when a force that is coming into your field will be a positive or negative experience. It just reacts to the perceived intrusion. Even the qualities of happiness and joy can be falsely interpreted as forces of danger and violence to a vulnerable you, because the body-mind has become stuck in the danger-alert mode.

How Energy Medicine Works for Trauma

Sexual trauma is a whole mind-body-spirit distortion. Energy Medicine healing is a very effective and efficient modality for treating this challenge. Because it can address all those levels of existence at the same time. Energy Medicine invites in the spiritual wisdom, corrects the mental distortions, and releases the emotional-physical accumulation of chaotic energies.

Energy Medicine is also able to clear the energetic cords, streamers, and intrusions that have been implanted into your aura field by people who have controlled and manipulated you. These negative cords produce a tremendous amount of the trauma survivor’s conflicted thoughts and feelings.

This clearing of outside influences allows the body, mind, and emotions to come back into balance, and release the terrors, fears, avoidance and denials. Thus, you are able to live in the present moment, where there is no trauma happening. It was in the past.

How much energy can be spent in a day suppressing past negative experiences to keep them from arising into your present moment of consciousness? That life force, once liberated, can be used by you to bolster radiant health, creativity, caring, loving, and having the courage to open up to receive beauty and nurturing from the world around you.

Energy Medicine rebuilds your human bio-energy field so your consciousness has the ability to be present in the present moment.

Radiant Healing Energy is a process of emotional hygiene. It empowers you to clean your emotional body of old debris and create a healthy future.


About Brian

My intention as a healer is to provide a completely safe, nurturing, and sacred space for clients to do their journey of healing back into life.  As a Healer, I have the ability to “be there” for a person, no matter how deep into self they may go. As my healers and teachers have done for me, so shall I do for you.

I bring my reverence and full expression of life along with deep compassion for all levels of the human condition. I meet you with an open heart, ready to share all my wisdom, skill, and presence.


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