Creates optimum health on all levels
Uncovers your essential core qualities
Assists in dealing with central life issues
Creates healthy, fulfilling relationships
Leads to a balanced life
Releases repressed emotions
Relieves physical pain
Recover from surgery faster
Eliminates confusion and self-doubt
Opens you to ecstasy and reconnection to your divine source

Success with…

Low self esteem
Low physical energy
Panic attacks
Anger and resentment
Prolonged grief
Addictive behaviors
Impending Doom
Relationship trauma
Marital Challenges
Childhood abuse
Rape/incest issues
Victim mentality

Constant mind chatter
Control issues
Inability to ground
Spaced out
Guilt feelings
Holding on tension
Fear of humiliation
Inability to orgasm
Uncomfortably submissive
Self sabotage
Memory/ concentration problems
Chronic illness
Physical injury
Recovery from surgery
Death and dying
Spirit connection
Spiritual crisis
And much more…..

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