Radiant Healing Energy

Radiant Healing Energy in Sarasota, Florida transforms the core wounds of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual traumas and returns you to a state of Radiant Health and Wholeness. Brian Foster uses a combination of Hands-on Energy Healing techniques, body-mind awareness inquiries, intuitive guidance, and personal growth counseling to achieve these results. He creates an environment of trust, respect, and honor for the discovery, exploration, and release of life issues that have become frozen in your consciousness and energy field. Working together, we dissolve the old conditioned reflexes, false conclusions about life, and vicious cycles of behavior that have impeded your success, happiness, fulfillment, and health

Emotional Healing

Radiant Healing Energy (RHE) creates a profound healing of emotions from trauma such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, unrelenting grief from loss, betrayal, abandonment and/or from being controlled and manipulated. It helps you develop an emotional flexibility and stability.


Career and life-path upheavals are quickly clarified and resolved when RHE turns down the incessant mind chatter that obscures your real feelings and the intuitive thoughts that emanate from the wise one inside of you. It puts you back on the fast track to personal success and pleasure.


RHE strengthens weak personal boundaries and increases your self-identity. Knowing who you are is necessary to prevent co-dependency. RHE helps you find the balance of opening your heart to the surrender of love and, yet, still maintaining your personal will and self-freedom. Unhealthy energy cords of manipulation are released.

Core Issues

RHE uncovers and resolves the core issues of physical illnesses and disease, thus, eliminating the necessity to recreate the problem once again. It greatly speeds the recovery time from surgical procedures and injuries sustained from accidents, falls, etc. The increased levels of your energy strengthen the immune system for faster self healing.


RHE up wells your spiritual essence and clears the way for you to reconnect with your divine source, thus, enabling you to make great strides in the trajectory of your personal growth. All spiritual, philosophical and religious ways are honored….”there are many paths up the mountain.” Each path is perfectly valid, unique to you and welcomed in this work.


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