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The relationship between client and healer is of a very profound nature. We are on the journey together and the quality of that partnership is key to a successful outcome.

Together we create trust, support, and commitment to the healing process. This establishes a safe environment and fosters the courage to transform life transitions and crises into personal growth, radiant health, and delight in life.


Distance sessions – 60 minutes @ $100
Office sessions – 90 minutes @ $140
    Package of four office sessions prepaid @ $500
(Use within 3 months)

To schedule an appointment call:


Located In: Sarasota, FL

 24 hours notice by phone or text is required to reschedule or cancel your appointment. Late cancellation/no show fee is $40.

Please do not use email for cancellation or re-scheduling.

For general inquiries email:

Healing session profile

A session begins with a confidential discussion of the major issues and stresses that are affecting the client. Then, the healer assists the client in creating a new life intention. This includes defining what the client chooses to bring into their life and what they are willing to release so that the new intention may flourish.

Healing Work

Next, with the client fully clothed on the table, the healer does an energy scan with his high sense perceptions. Then the healer will be guided to use any of a variety of techniques and modalities to assist the client. These include chakra restructuring, aura cleansing, spiritual surgery, unhealthy energy cord removal, past life healing, hara line straightening and core star healing.

Healer’s presence

The most important attribute a healer has, however, is the ability to “Be there” for the client. No matter how deep into Self the client goes, the healer energetically provides a safe and nurturing space for the process to continue.


Afterwards, there is a short discussion to integrate the client’s feelings and experiences. Clients experience a wide range of feelings and understandings. These might include profound relaxation, energy releases, unwinding of tense muscles, childhood or past life remembrances, a large “Aha!”, peacefulness, and a new self-empowerment. Many times there can be a deep release of emotions that have been pent up for years.


This work is a process of unfolding yourself. Every session is different. Each client works at the level they are comfortable with on that day. Those who come to their healing with a commitment to their health and well-being receive the greatest benefits.

Also offering: Remote healing and long distance healing

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