Healing Philosophy

Healing Philosophy

We have come into these lives on the Earth to heal the illusion of separation from Creator. Each degree of separation has led to pain and suffering of many kinds. In every lifetime we carry a “core wound” that reflects our separation from oneness with Creation. This core wound is the place where we are most hurt and defended against. It is also the secret doorway back home to Oneness.

Higher Self and Lower Self

To achieve Radiant Health and Wholeness it is necessary to bring your higher self qualities: love, light, compassion, nurturance, devotion and spiritual ecstasy down into the places where you don’t believe/accept these qualities are real. These places of the traumatized lower self are where we need our self-love the most for they hold huge reservoirs of life force energy. Once liberated this energy can then be used for focused work, powerful health and to create an exuberant life.

Sacred Space

My intention as a healer is to provide a completely safe, nurturing and sacred space for clients to do their journey of healing back into Life. As a Healer, I have the ability to “be there” for a person no matter how deep into Self they go. As my healers and teachers have done for me, so shall I do for others.


Using High Sense Perceptions, I identify the traumas of this and of past lives that have caused misinformation loops, false conclusions, and repeating patterned reactions to life’s challenges. By tracking the energy pathway of these wounds all the way back to the seed core experience, the client and I can unwind it with our conscious awareness.

Bringing our combined awareness into an original trauma creates a harmonic resonance of healing. With this new vibration we can dissolve the old patterns and programs and re-introduce the healing qualities of self-acceptance, compassion, forgiveness and Love of Self into these places of our most profound forgetfulness of the Truth.

Unwinding the distorted energy all the way out the seven layers of the aura field, the damage can then be cleansed, repaired, refilled with higher truth and reintegrated into the mind, body, emotions and spirit of the client. New life will now be able to flow so that the Higher Self shines forth with Radiant Health and Wholeness.


To all healing work, I bring my reverence and full expression of life, along with deep compassion for all levels of the human condition. I meet you with an open heart, ready to share all my skill and wisdom with you.

Join me on this majestic journey.

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