Brian’s strength, caring and gentleness as a hands-on healer flows from his core to invite, guide and carry your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies to multiple levels of healing and cleansing
– Dr. Sandra G. Landsman

Brian Foster is a master of the art of healing through the human energy field.
– Dick Bertram

“Brian Foster is the best healer I have ever been to. He is a Master healer!      I came to Brian very broken and I needed intense help from the psychological wounds left by sexual assaults in the past. I was also a victim of domestic abuse and suffered from tremendous PTSD. I was very nervous to go to Brian since he was a man. However, my fears were soon alleviated once I began working with him. He has great compassion, a tender heart, and is a very wise soul! He comes from a place of non-judgement and love. Brian has a great understanding of the human psyche and how old psychological wounds can create havoc in our present lives. Every session was a powerful journey!  Each session strong emotions came up and were released – sometimes within minutes. The most incredible insights became clear to me during the deep healing processes. I trusted him with my soul and I still do. I am grateful the universe guided me to Brian Foster! I am truly blessed to know this man!” Elisabeth S.

When you said the words, “You are precious.” I was so touched. It was like you had presented a bouquet of flowers to my heart. All of a sudden I felt a release of long held pain. I still get emotional when I remember that moment. Thanks so much for guiding me on my spiritual journey.”
– Sue

When I celebrate the New Year, I always think of you and the part you played in helping me to save my life. You are an extraordinary healer
– Rebecca

You have such a kind and loving heart. Its gentle essence is felt through the miles and transcends time.
– Jenifer

Thank you for helping me to uncover the pain of thinking my Dad didn’t love me and to see how conditional my love as been. I really appreciate your guiding support in my life.
– Peggy

Thank you for your special healing touch.
– CK

Since my work with you, it has allowed me to be in contact with my creator, which I will call God.
– Beverly

Brian, it is a process, but I am very grateful for your help. Every time I meet with you, I learn and grow a little more.
– Dr. Lisa, MD

I have been thinking about my work with you now that it’s been a year later…..It’s amazing how many messages you gave me…that actually have helped and guided me to where I am now. This is a great success! Thank you.” – Beverly

Thanks for your very expert help during Alan’s last days. It made all the difference.
– Marian H.

Thank you for sharing your radiant light, for by doing so you uplift the spirit and awaken the heart.
– Michael T.

Mike is a new man today!! Thank you Brian Foster!!
– Mike L.

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